Vipiteno existed already in the roman age under the name Vipitenum. The town was officially mentioned first in 1180, when the ancient Bavarians travelled over the Brenner Pass in the middle age. In 1280 the regional leader and earl Meinhard II. assigned the right to Vipiteno to be called “city”. In 1443 a fire burned down several houses of one part of thecity and afterwards the new constructed district of the town was since that time called ‘New Town’. This part of the town is spread out from the 46m high main tower to the sub gate. The pedestrian zone of the New town is deemed to be the most beautiful of all Tyrol. It is flanked with the big and small arcades as well as with glamorous houses of the burgess. The New Town with the majestic houses of the 15th and 16th century offers a magical townscape and was affiliated in the register of the most beautiful Old Towns of Italy.