the old brenner pass road

Culture is encounter, it excites and enriches.

The historic Alpine crossing point has always been a meeting place, the region around the Brenner Pass a region where peoples and cultures overlap. Businesses north and south of the Brenner have joined forces to present today's travellers with a glimpse of life on the Brenner Pass road in all its facets. Stop on your journey and explore the nature and sights in the immediate surroundings!
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Enjoy gastronomic delightsThe restaurants and taverns of the old brennerpass-road are based on alpine traditions, regional dishes and a tradition over more generations. The dishes are largely made from local produce. The short supply chain is guaranteeing fresh dishes. The regional dishes play a main role in the menues. Tea blends come from the local herbalist and the mineral water is bottled near the distillery at the St. Zacharias spring.
Familie Stadler
6143 Matrei am Brenner
Familie Huter
6150 Steinach am Brenner
Thomas Mühlsteiger
39041 Val di Fleres/Pflerschtal
04 Hotel Restaurant Schaurhof
Theme: Movement of goods & regional products
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Georg Steurer
39049 Ried/Novale near Vipiteno/Sterzing
Familie Gögl
39049 Vipiteno/Sterzing
06 Parkhotel Matrei
Theme: The Brenner Railway & Alpinism
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Florian Obojes
6143 Matrei am Brenner
Familie Gamper
39041 Colle Isarco/Gossensass
08 Wirtshaus & Hotel Lener
Theme: The railway across the Brenner
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Roland Volgger
39040 Campo di Trens/Freienfeld
09 Marktbar Brennerhaus
Theme: Lift Facilities on the Brenner route
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39041 Brennero/Brenner
10 Restaurant Sterzingerhof
Theme: The mining city Vipiteno/Sterzing
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Familie Siller
39049 Vipiteno/Sterzing
11 Hotel Erna
Theme: Water & Mills
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Familie Strickner
39041 Colle Isarco/Gossensass
12 Gasthof Post Trens
Theme: Pilgrimages along the Brenner route
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Familie Benedikter
39040 Trens
13 Gasthof Moarwirt
Theme: Travellers on the Brenner route
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Günter Strickner
39041 Colle Isarco/Gossensass
14 Gasthof Alte Post
Theme: The postal service
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Gerhard Vetter
6156 Gries am Brenner
15 Hotel Schuster
Theme: Literature, Art and Culture
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Gerold Plank
39041 Colle Isarco/Gossensass
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